Friday, February 4, 2011

Trying To Put Gillette Out of Business

I believe I have spoken several times before about my laser hair removal triumph. I will say it again, it was the BEST MONEY I HAVE EVER SPENT. I had it done on my bikini line and lower legs about ten years ago. And I cannot describe to you (although Big Daddy probably can!) how awesome it is to never have to shave my legs, to have smooth and attractive legs all summer long, all winter long, to be able to rub my legs up against someone in the summer without fear of slicing them up with my stubble, to be able to go swimming at a moment's notice without dying of embarrassment over my hair situation, to wear pantyhose or no pantyhose to church and never fear for the state of my legs.

Anywho, I just got an email today from (for those of you in the SLC area) for a coupon that gives you six laser hair treatments (which is usually enough to get rid of your hair) for $99! You get to chose from several areas to have done, including half legs AND half arms together for that price! This is an amazing deal. When I had my half legs and bikini done, I probably paid about $800 over the course of a year. And when I recently purchased my package to have a couple of new areas treated (I'd tell you which ones, but then I'd have to admit to having hair in areas a lady never wants to admit to having hair), I paid around $600. So this is a super, dooper good deal. And it applies to men too, so if your man is a bit hairy and needs some help, this would be a great gift!

JUMP ON IT. If you have ever considered laser but found it too expensive, or if you ever look at that spot on your body--belly button? Chin? upper lip? Legs? Beard?--and think "I hate this hair! I hate shaving all the time! I wish I could get rid of it!" then this is your golden opportunity because I have never heard of a price like this. If I hadn't already bought my package at 6x this price, I would jump on it myself! In fact, I'm sure I have more hair to get rid of somewhere, so....maybe I will!

Here is the link: citydeals laser hair removal

You are SO welcome. And so is everyone else who has to look at your gross hair. :)

(Edited to add: Reading on their website, due to the popularity of this sale, they are shortly going to change the half arms AND half legs treatment, which is currently considered one area, to two areas. So if you're considering this one, JUMP ON IT NOW, before you only get one or the other for the $99 price.)


Kristina P. said...

Hmmm, I will definitely check it out now!

Jen Hoppie said...

I just bought one and can't wait to get my treatments done. After your rave about being hairless, I want to join the club!!

Financial Aid for College said...

What's really sad is when you get so old that you don't have to worry about hair on your legs anymore because it's migrated to your chin and upper lip.

Financial Aid for College said...

What is that thing? A female Wookie?

Teachinfourth said...

Doesn't it hurt like the dickens?