Monday, July 26, 2010

THE Best Bet Win

A few years ago Big Daddy and I got in a "discussion" over whether TCBY's name was THE Country's Best Yogurt (me) or THIS Country's Best Yogurt (him). Normally when I bet against Big Daddy, I lose. Not so much because he is always right and I am always wrong (not even close, Sweetie), but more because he only likes to bet on things he is sure about (Don't pretend it isn't true. You know it is.) while I am willing to take a risk. ANYWHO...for once I won. I don't remember what I won. Probably something inappropriate to mention on a family blog, cause that is what we like to wager most. Or it could have been $5....same difference, right? (JUST KIDDING, HON!) But mostly I won the sweet moment of being able to strut around as victor. And you can be sure that every time we see a TCBY now, I point out my victory again.

Anyway, I thought I'd throw this 2 for 1 coupon out there for anyone who likes frozen yogurt --THE Country's Best Yogurt. You know by now that I'm more of a baked goods eater than a connoisseur of frozen treats. But this time of year I have occasionally been known to sacrifice precious dessert calories for something cold and creamy; it's that hot. So if you, too, need a sugar-filled cool down, and you have a friend to go with you (or if you're into eating two at a time, whichever)....voila!

p.s. Every time you print and use this coupon, my friend Kelli gets entered into a company contest for a flat screen TV. So eat up, people!


Kristina P. said...

I was at this grand opening last Thursday, and I have to say, their yogurt, and their toppings, are awesome. I think I prefer it to Frogurt.

Mia said...

Over 95 degrees is about the only time I will choose ice cream/yogurt over a baked good. But I live in the south so it actually happens often enough ;)

Kristina P. said...

Oh! And by the way, I know you're friend Kelli! She recognized me and after talking, we realized she worked with my best friend in high school, many years ago.

Financial Aid for College said...

Mmmmmmm! Wish we had it in Austin!