Saturday, October 31, 2009

38 Things For 38 Years

Dear Big Daddy...

1. You are incredibly generous.
2. You are a fantastic father. You are the first to offer to change a diaper or get up with a sick kid. I sooo lucked out on that one.
3. You love to nap just as much as me.
4. You have sexy legs.
5. You are super smart. When we got married, I thought we were about even. But now I realize that you are far and away smarter than I am.
6. You look great in skates (and move well too).
7. You are so inventive and a brilliant entrepreneur.
8. Everyone likes you. Everywhere you go, whether you are the boss or the uncle or the home teacher or the employee, everyone loves Big Daddy. You are just so likable.
9. You are a really good driver. That would have been a deal breaker for me when we were dating. I was not about to marry someone who drove like a grandma.
10. You are a good dresser.
11. You never shirk your responsibilities.
12. You rarely say a bad thing about another person.
13. Your Photoshop editing skills are, I dare say, the best in the entire state. No lie. You are a genius in that program and it comes in so handy!
14. You are kind.
15. You are so willing to better yourself. You may not admit it during a fight, but I always see you trying harder to change after you get criticism.
16. You have the best butt ever.
17. Your pop culture trivia knowledge is nearly unsurpassed, especially 70’s and 80’s.
18. You cook fantastic fajitas. And more than that, you are at home in the kitchen.
19. You are super talented. There are so many things you can do that I’m still finding them out after knowing you for 10 years.
20. You are dedicated to your family. Both the one you grew up with and the one you have now. There is nothing you wouldn’t do for us.
21. You are an extremely hard worker. “Slacker” is a word you have never been called (well, not since high school). When you do something, you do it 100%.
22. You have great taste. Whether in clothes or music or cars, you always know what’s cool.
23. Not to belabor the physical attributes, but you’ve got these big meaty hands and feet that I absolutely love. They’re so strong and manly.
24. You are creative.
25. You have a strong testimony of Jesus Christ.
26. You are an amazing lover.
27. You have great taste in movies. It may not seem that important, but trust me, being married to someone who loved movies you hated or who hated movies you loved would make date night very lame.
28. You always smell good.
29. You have this great crooked smile. It reminds me of Harrison Ford. Hubba hubba.
30. You pick up my slack without complaining.
31. You pay attention to little comments I make about things I like and remember them so I always get the most thoughtful gifts.
32. You never complain about how much money it costs to take me out to eat because you know that it’s my favorite thing.
33. You are an absolutely silent sleeper. (This also would have been a deal breaker for me.)
34. You have a very artistic eye. I rely on your opinion on decorating and color more than I rely on my own.
35. You will hold my hand in public. That one has been a work in progress, but we’ve come to the point where you don’t mind a little PDA now and then.
36. You are active without being overly active. I think it would be hard to be married to someone who was go-go-go all the time since I’m not. We’re about the same energy level and I really appreciate that about you.
37. You forgive me when I curse on the golf course or throw a fit after a bad shot.
38. (I have to stop already??) You love me for just who I am. That kind of unconditional love is amazing in this world. I know that despite my mistakes, annoying habits, messy house, overspending, fidgeting during movies, stealing the covers, and all the rest of it… You will always love me. Thank you.

Sweetie, your 38 years on this planet have made you an amazing man. I am a lucky woman to have you. Happy Birthday. And here’s to 38 more. I love you.



Koreena said...

Very sweet. :)

rae said...


Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

wow! wanna trade?

Jennie said...

Yep, he's a great guy! Next year you should do 39 things you hate about him. That would be funny!

sarah marie. said...

happy birthday kelly!

Mrs. Organic said...

He sounds like Mr. O's twin.

Sara said...

That's cool!

L. said...

Gee Whiz! How are your other readers going to feel about THEIR husbands after reading about YOURS?!

Did you notice you let the cat out of the bag? Big Daddy now has a name!

Thanks, Big Daddy, for making my daughter HAPPY!

alex dumas said...

Aw. You make him sound so perfect. HB Kelly!

kado! said...

Ohhh...what a sweet post! Hope he had a wonderful birthday!

Nicki said...

He truly does make the best fajitas! Happy Birthday Big Daddy!

M-Cat said...

What a great tribute! Happy Birthday Big Daddy!

tiburon said...

What a sweet tribute to Kelly!

Happy Birthday!!!

Shawn said...

What an amazing guy----you guys seem to be a great couple!

Anonymous said...

Almost makes me wish I had a husband to brag about.