Monday, June 7, 2010

That Was a Nice Week of Spring

I love summer. I really do! It's my favorite season. I love how green and leafy the trees are. I love setting up my patio furniture on the deck and enjoying breakfast or dinner in the shade of the striped umbrella. I love napping in the hammock. I love golfing. I love making watching my kids run around outside. I love the picnics and BBQs, the hikes and gardening, the fresh veggies and fruits, the exercise, the ice cream (the counteracting of the exercise with the ice cream)....there are so many things to love about summer!

But one thing I don't love is the sweat. It's unavoidable, living someplace like Utah, where you are 5000 feet closer to the sun, and where the desert climate makes everything bake during the day. I could deal with it if there was more of a respite from it inside. Unfortunately, I live in a house with only partial A/C. We had the Mr. Slims put in on one half of the house 2 years ago. It helps...if you sleep in Daphne's room, the playroom, or the kitchen (which I've considered. It does have a big island.) Our bedroom, however, plus the dining room, living room, and Beck's room, have no A/C. There is a swamp cooler upstairs, but on a really hot day, or during a really hot night (when I'm too paranoid to leave the windows open to let the swamp cooler do its work), it's not enough. I just sweat. And sweat. And sweat. And then I get sticky. And then I sweat some more.

I really hate sweat. Love summer, hate sweat.

I would say my favorite season was spring, if it would last more than 8 days in Utah. But since we had snow last week, and 95 degree temps yesterday, I just can't vote for fickle, fleeting spring.

So summer gets my vote for favorite season of the year. But can someone just do something about the heat???


Kristina P. said...

I am so with you. I finally pulled out all my spring/summer clothes and realized I will only be able to wear them for about 2 weeks before it's winter again.

Anonymous said...

May is supposed to be my favorite month.

Unfortunately, I was robbed of my spring this year. Alas.

Maybe you should put AC in the -other- side of your house. :P

Mrs. O said...

I think this is the perfect excuse for falling asleep on the couch watching late night TV.

Alyssa said...

My dad is the master of using window fans to make one swamp cooler keep the whole house nearly ice-box cold. Personally, after living in the swampy humidity for the last 10 years I miss the dry desert heat where I don't sweat nearly as much. Here, I walk outside and I'm drenched. Ick.

Mia said...

I love summer too, minus the sweat. It has been extra humid here and I get sweaty just walking out the door. But we do have ac, so you totally win this one. I vote for sleeping in the kitchen!