Wednesday, November 5, 2014

House Renovation - Bathrooms Before And After

I think today I’ll do a bathroom tour.  Our house has five, FIVE, bathrooms.  And before you go thinking how luxurious my life must be, I have to remind you that all FIVE bathrooms need to be cleaned.  That’s 7 sinks, 5 toilets, 3 tubs, 4 showers, and all that tile flooring with the associated GROUT that my children have free rein to pee in, on, and around, as well as dropping and spitting toothpaste, mouthwash, boogers, and other worse things.  I despise cleaning tile flooring.  That is, I despise cleaning grout. But only slightly less, I detest scrubbing bathtubs and showers.  Toilets I don’t mind.  I know that seems weird.  But it’s the grout, the mildew in the corners of the grout, the unreachable spots in the tubs and showers that give me fits.  But enough about this sordid aspect of the topic.  Suffice it to say that cleaning five bathrooms blows.  Now...let’s move on to the transformations!

Bathroom 1:  I’ll start with the basement bath because it was so shockingly horrible before, and so lovely now.  We nick-named it “The StarTrek bathroom” when we bought the house because of the weird rounded shower enclosure and nooks.  It reminded us of something from the original 1960’s Star Trek TV show set.  

But we tore out every speck of that bathroom.  It has now made a successful leap into the 21st century. And I give Big Daddy full credit for this one.  He picked out everything himself, from the tiles to the layout to the furnishings.  He wanted a spa feel since this is the guest bath, being closest to the guest bathroom.  And it turned out absolutely stunning, I think. 

Here, for dramatic effect, is the before and after shot...

 What do you think?