Monday, November 17, 2014

Before and After - The Master Bath

And now for another really dramatic change…the master bathroom.  When we bought this house, the master bathroom was carpeted (EW), had super icky barf colored granite counter tops, really ugly cabinets, and only one vanity.  The other vanity was..... in the closet!  Yes, IN the master closet.  It was the strangest set up.  There was a giant garden tub in the corner, which we would have liked to keep, but we needed the space to move both sinks into the bathroom.  The shower and toilet were also decrepit, so we got rid of those.

So here are the before pictures, including (3rd pic) the sink in the closet shot…




When we remodeled, we wanted a little more space in the shower to put in a bench, so we bumped that out 12”.  We got all new tile for the floor, backsplash, shower, and tub surround.  And I have to admit I went a little bit nuts in here with the tile.  But  the biggest reason was that I couldn’t find a bathroom style I liked.  Or that we both liked.  I had scoured Houzz for months and finally found one picture that had sea glass next to creamy beige limestone, and it just looked so clean and beachy.  So that’s what we went with.  We did the same style of white shaker cabinets as the kitchen, but with a beautiful glittery Silestone called “Stellar Snow” for the counter tops.  It was in our last house and we LOOOVED it.  It has all these little flecks of glass in it plus some mica for sparkle.  It gives this sort of glittery effect.  And because it has the specks, you absolutely cannot see dirt or water rings on it.   It’s awesome! 

Silestone "Stellar Snow"

For the floors we got a dark brown linen tile in a 12x24 size.  On sale, woot!  For the shower (bottom half) and tub surround I picked out this amazing modern striped tile that was 10x31 (weird size!  Also, crazy expensive).  Above that and around the sinks and tub I picked out a 2x4" sea glass subway tile.  (In retrospect I should have paid more for that.  I found what looked like the same tile at 3 different stores and went with the cheaper one.  But once it was installed I realized that it was only painted green on the back, not green all the way through.  So in the places where the tile layer’s saw chipped the back of the tile, you can totally see the color disappear.  LAME.  You only see it if you’re really looking.  But I see it every day when I’m brushing my teeth and it bugs.  So if you’re going for a colored glass subway tile like that, make sure you check that it’s a solid color glass.)  On the shower floor I splurged and got a gorgeous four tone glass mosaic tile.  It had to be hand set, so it wasn't cheap, but it was a really small area, and it was sooo beautiful!  So I went for it. 

The tub we got was pretty standard.  Long, but not wide.  It’s also not a whirlpool tub because after having two of those, we realized that we never use the jets and they’re a pain to clean (mildew gets in the jet cavities and is so hard to get out!).  We can both fit in this tub, and that's all that really matters.  And hopefully someday we'll get a hot tub in case we really want to luxuriate in a bubbly bath.

Finally, the walls were pained a creamy neutral called "Shoji White", we got squared sinks, Ikea faucets, a new high flow toilet (screw the ecosystem!  Haha. Just kidding), new lighting, and we were finally ready to go! 

And here are the final afters….

For dramatic effect, here is the before and after shot.

What do you think?


Unknown said...

Hi, my name is cindy. I can't remember who I got your blog address from, but I wrote it down and here I am. Love love your project. Such a change. Love the beachy feel and the glass tiles. I'm going back to look at the rest of your blog. I became a follower!

Hugs cindy

Omgirl said...

Thanks Cindy! I'm glad to have you.