Friday, February 3, 2012

November Cannot Come Soon Enough

Can we PLEEASE move the voting day up to, say, February 4th? Please??? Because I'm completely positive that if I have to listen to the whole world debate which Republican candidate is a bigger loser (Newt) for 10 more months, I will blow my brains out. Oh wait. You say I only have to listen to them debate about the Republican front runners until the end of August? And then I get to hear them debate about which candidate for president is a bigger dill hole (Romney)? Oh joy.

P.S. On a more important note than the presidency of the United States, my computer just auto corrected "dillhole" to "dill hole." Who knew my iPad was so smart?!


Hildie said...

I just hear all this presedential debate stuff and think, "like any of this even matters!"

L. said...

Jennie has a point. We all have the illusion the President can do anything by himself besides declare war. Not so. Everything else depends of House of Reps and Senate. So why do we keep blaming or congratulating President on what they did or didn't do (except start a war, or perhaps end one.)

Yes, I'm sick of it too. I would have voted for Huntsman. In fact, I think I'll write him in.

Financial Aid for College said...

What's a dill hole? It must be naughty if I've never heard of it.

Could you please make the ID safety words more simple. I can't even read these weirdos.