Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tigers, Skeletons, and Stuffed Sausages

Here are a few pictures for the friends, relatives, and other random strangers who enjoy pictures of my kids.

(And I can I just say, in case it isn't clear, that I no longer have any input on my kids' choices for costumes? Well, except Pippa's. And let's just say this about hers: It was NOT my first choice. My first choice was a darling bumble bee costume that Costumes4Less was supposed to ship to me between Oct 21 and Oct 26, but who informed me on OCT 27th that, oops!, they didn't actually have that costume in stock. They also informed me that they would "do everything in their power to make it up to me." But when I told them they could ship me a different costume with expedited shipping that they'd pay for themselves, not only did they not do that, they never responded at all! So, for future reference, DO NOT ORDER FROM COSTUMES4LESS!!! They are a terrible terrible company who doesn't mind screwing someone over 3 days before halloween and forcing them to dress their baby in a horrible $5 costume from the local party store which didn't even remotely fit her although it was sized 6 months larger than their baby and which required them to use the shoe covers that came with the costume for a beanie because, though the costume was made for a 1 month old, the shoe covers were made for a 6 year old.)

Phew! I just had to get that out because I told Costumes4Less I would if they didn't come through.

Now on to the lovely, scary, amazing, and very rotund pictures of my kids at Halloween 2011...


Kristina P. said...

The kids look great!

And seriously, Pippa is beautiful! She has a perfectly round, cherubic face.

Hildie said...

I think they look really adorable. Especially Pippa. Her costume looks kind of flapperish. She is so cute!

It's so wierd to see you with a fat baby. Especially considering how teensy Daphne was.

Megan said...

That baby is the most delicious thing I have seen in a long time! Can I have her, please??

Financial Aid for College said...

I KNOW I was at your house on Halloween. I distinctly remember handing out treats. So How come I didn't see all 3 kids dressed up? Has my senility crept that far!?

Anyhow, glad you sent pictures, so I could store those cute images in my mind (again???).

And kindly tell me how I can erase that terrible NAME from my replies!?