Thursday, June 9, 2011

At Some Point I'll Stop Blogging about Pregnancy/Baby Stuff, I Swear

What can I say? It's what's on my mind, it's what my life is about, it's what's taking up 90% of the time in my day. My baby. Sweet, wonderful, good little baby. But she doesn't leave me much time for much else. So what am I blogging about? You guessed it...

Top 10 Things I Am Loving About No Longer Being Pregnant:

10. Breathing. Oh that little thing! But when your entire diaphragm is squished to the top of your neck and your lungs have the capacity of a piece of paper, breathing is something you can no longer take for granted. But I'm happy to say that putting on socks no longer makes me winded.

9. Breathing through my nose. I get stuffed up about 2 months into pregnancy and I don't get to breathe through my nose again until a few weeks after delivery. So just about now, I'm able to stop wearing breathe-right strips every night and shooting as much Rhinocort Aqua as I'm allowed up my nose only to suffer from poor sleep and nose bleeds anyway. Hooray for breathing!

8. Bending over. Seriously, not being able to bend over sucks! First there is the fact that everything your children touch stays or lands in a space from your knees to your feet. You see their stuff there and you think, "If it was metal, and my hand was magnetic, I would clean it up. Really I would." And then you walk away and leave it there because, well, your hand isn't magnetic and bending over causes your pancreas to end up in your esophagus. Also, your children suddenly develop complete amnesia about how to put on socks and shoes. They want YOU to bend over and do it. I don't even tie my OWN shoes when pregnant. Ask me why I wore the same two pair of shoes my whole last 5 months of pregnancy: NO laces.

7. Medicine. You can actually take medicine again. Try having a cold and not being allowed to take any decongestants. TORTURE. Torture + a lot of snot.

6. Sleep! Oh glorious sleep! Not even the wakings of a newborn can make you feel bad about your sleep when suddenly your rib pain doesn't force you out of bed at 6am, your sleep apnea doesn't wake you up a dozen times (see # 9 above), there isn't a baby doing cartwheels in your belly from 10pm-1am, and you can actually roll on your stomach! Sometimes I want to make out with my mattress, I'm so happy to be face to face with it again!

5. Not puking. Although I only puked a couple of times this pregnancy from morning sickness, I was almost always 1 heave away from tossing my cookies. Every time I brushed my teeth or smelled something gross, I had to fight with all my will not to puke. It's so nice now to hork up a loogie without gagging.

4. Lack of pain. Ok, so this one has been intermittent. Throwing out my back, which turned into a horrible pinched nerve, the week after the baby wasn't fun. Neither was mastitis. Neither is the thrush I'm fighting because of the antibiotics to kill the mastitis. BUT it isn't non-stop rib pain, non-stop ligament pain, lower back pain, etc., all the time 24/7.

3. Ankles. Not the former cankles, but real ankles.

2. Proximity. Mostly to Big Daddy. It's one of the things I miss most all pregnancy long is no longer being able to get close to him. You can't spoon. You can't hug. You can' any positions that don't leave you feeling rather whorish. Just being able to walk up, press against him, and lay my head on his chest is magical.

1. Definite #1 best thing about not being pregnant:


Alyssa said...

you look beautiful! congratulations!

Koreena said...

Such a sweet picture. :) I'm with you on the bending over and breathing things. Man, the things you take for granted until you're pregnant!

Mrs. O said...

She is precious! WHat a sweet photo of the two of you.

Erica said...

I love that photo of the two of you!

Financial Aid for College said...

As the old mom of the new mom in this house, I must add that little Pippa is the sweetest, most cooperative, patient, non-howling, non-fussing, non- barfing baby I have ever met, and I love her wildly. I weep that I have to go home tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? Judging by your gown, hospital wristbands, etc. this picture was taken pretty recent after giving birth to that sweet baby and you look more beautiful than most women after 2 hours of preperation.