Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Love Is In the Air

Or at least allergens. I am beginning to wonder how many times a day a person can blow their nose before the skin literally begins to rub off. My eyes are itchy and watery, my nose is leaking like a tap. I have nearly an entire box of tissues balled up in my trash can. I've been taking allergy medication as often as possible but it doesn't seem to help. What is in the air that is killing me so much?

This is actually the second or third time this spring/summer that I've had a major allergy attack. When I lived in Detroit, I suffered from terrible allergies. Evidently I was allergic to pretty much everything growing there. But once I moved to Utah 18 years ago, it all stopped and I have been mostly allergy free. Then came this year. For some reason I have had several allergy attacks that have lasted for days. Is it just me? Am I regressing? Becoming desensitized (or is it sensitized?) to the local plant life? Or is this just a whopper of a year for allergens?


You can thank me later, Kleenex, for personally keeping you in business.


Mrs. O said...

I am dying right now too. I take the equate chlor-tabs (they're non drowsy), benadryl at night, and patanol (rx) eyedrops. Thank heavens for Kleenex with lotion.

I wish I knew what was in the air - it seems just as bad as when the cottonwood was pollinating.

bel said...

Gesundheit! I'm right there with you this year for some reason.

Koreena said...

I lived in Utah about 8 years before developing any allergies and then it was BAD! The last week or so has been particularly no fun. Sorry you're suffering now, too.

Financial Aid for College said...

When I was in Fiji, suffering HORRIBLY with allergies, the doc prescribed that nasal spray we both use, and told me to use it twice a day. It helped a lot, but not completely. The nose still leaked, but the watery eyes and itching membranes were relieved. I have a couple of extra bottles here, since I haven't needed it since I moved to Texas. Hooray!

Teachinfourth said...

Spring is the worst for me…I hate allergies, too.

Michelle Glauser said...

I was wondering if you meant "least" in that first sentence. But anyway, I think you and my family have kept Kleenex in business, because there are seven of us with crazy noses and horrible allergies. All 8 of us are on allergy meds for at least six months of the year, and a few of us have done the immunity shots for five years with few results. I make sure to regularly medicate, because medicating before symptoms seems to be the best. I don't go outside very much (especially from the end of March to about the middle of July). I always carry eye drops, tissues, pills (did you know you can switch off between antihistamines and decongesting medicines?), elbow spray (it's a crazy spray you rub into your skin that a Swiss guy invented and that seems to help), and nasal spray. I often end up icing my eyes. Thus I also avoid flowers and fruits that bloom in the spring, because they make my tongue and lips go numb. It's pretty pathetic and you have my sympathy! I hope you find something that at least relieves a bit. Good luck!

Michelle Glauser said...

Good luck finding the elbow spray. It's called Spenglersan Kolloid K. I don't know if you can find it in the U.S.Oh, and just one other thing that is actually interesting: I was reading this book that seemed pretty quacky to me, but it had an interesting list of supposeed emotional problems that are behind physical problems. And this is what it says for hayfever:

-Unresolved feelings of rage, fear, grief, or sadness
-Repressed tears or agression
-Wanting to get even
-Feelings of guilt
-Not satisfied with self

So I guess my family must have some real problems. ;) I have noticed, however, that my allergies are worse when I'm stressed. Maybe there is something to it after all?