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2015 Oscars Wrap Up!

This week was the 2015 Academy Awards!  And guess what?  I'm not going to talk about the movies.  I never do!  (But this year saw hardly any of them for some reason.)  I AM going to talk about the gowns, the real reason I watch the Academy Awards.  And the 2015 red carpet show didn't disappoint.  In fact, I'm kind of disappointed that it didn't disappoint.  I had a harder time than usual picking the Worst Dressed nominees. Everyone was so well dressed for once.  Well, except for Jared Leto.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The first category up for discussion is...

Oprah -  It was good. Not great.  Kind of a boring color.  Good cut, it fit her well.  But just nothing that wowed me.  And considering she could afford to wear anything in the entire world, it was a titch disappointing. 

At first glance, I thought Jennifer Anniston’s blush gown was boring and blah.  But on closer examination, it turned out to have amazing beading, cut in different directions to create a lot of texture.  And it fit her PERFECTLY.   It actually ended up reminding me of Marilyn’s quintessential “Happy Birthday Mr. President” dress.  And I loved it.

 Kerry Washington.  HATED IT!  I thought the cut was very unflattering on her.  She has very narrow shoulders and the strapless top just accentuated that.  The fabric made her look flat-chested too. The skirt and top were made of wildly different fabrics, like someone just threw them together.  And the embroidery on the peplum…I was having flashbacks to my mother’s bedspread from the 80’s!  No, not a fan.

J-Lo.  Ok, it’s an absolutely gorgeous dress.  It is!  Long, sparkly, full, princessy.  BUT…once you’ve done the incredibly low, blew-the-socks-off-the-world neckline, you kind of can’t keep doing it.  It gets so predictable after the 8th or  9th time, you know?  So sorry to say that, Jenny!  Other than that, I loved her dress. It's what an Oscar's dress should be.

Tighty Whities

Lupita Nyongo has been one of my favorite dressers for the last 2 years in a row, and this year was no different.  The pearls were a surprise.  Even though the pearl ropes were kind of heavy around the shoulders, it was such a unique look that I had to applaud it. Beautiful!  I wouldn’t go as far as to say best dressed, but definitely in my top 10.

Lady Gaga.  Ok, don’t freak out, but I loved it!  Not the Aquaman gloves.  You know she HAD to get her weird in somehow.  But the dress?  I really really loved it!  I give her props for really dressing up appropriately and doing something fun-normal for the Oscars, yet wearing a dress that was still a stand out, fashion-wise. (And who knew she could sing like that?!?)

Reese Witherspoon.  I liked it.  Well-fitted, classic.  But just….nice.  Ya, “nice” is the best I can say. (Also a little reminiscent of Julia Roberts black and white Oscar winner.)

Julianne Moore.  She’s a rather straight-shaped woman.  And this dress didn't really help with that.  But the dress itself was so beautiful!  I loved the drop-waist sash look.  And the dark blue (black?) detail was such an unexpected surprise.  Oscar dresses tend to be so monochromatic.  For originality alone, I give her a Best Dressed nomination.

Adrian Brody.  I really can’t believe I’m saying this about a tux, but I love what Adrian did with this!  The stark black on white color blocking was such a nice change from the usual black, black, and more black tuxes.

Anna Ferris.  Princess, movie-star, sparkle.  What more is there?  It was amazing!  Best Dressed Nominee.

Green With Envy

Emma Stone.  At first I saw this dress and thought…really?  I mean, straight, long sleeves, high neck.  I found the shape a bit underwhelming.  BUT…then she turned around and there was this beautiful low back, backless really, and I loved it!  And the simple shape really grew on me the more I looked at it.  And the texture was so interesting. Plus the color was amazing.  E's Fashion Police called it “Mountain Dew” and that surely has something to do with it.  Haha!  Along with her red hair and lips….gorgeous!!  Best Dressed Nominee.

Scarlett Johanson.  Normally  I am not a fan of the emerald green dress. But this dress fit her like a glove.  Like a perfectly tailored, vivid, sexy, classic, amazing glove.  No, I didn’t love the necklace, which turned out to be part of the dress.  I agree with Kathy Griffin that it looked like seaweed.  But I forgive it because everything else about the dress, the shoes, the jewels and the hair was amazing.  Definite Best Dressed Nominee.

Color Me Lovely!

Octavia Spencer.  This is my favorite dress she’s worn. The pale blue color is just perfect and the dress itself is well-designed, not at all a tent made just for a curvy lady.  Anyone could wear this style, and I appreciate that. 

David Oyelowo.  I have to say, I really loved his tux!   Not only was the rich dark red a welcome surprise, but the cut was perfect.   Am I really saying this about a suit??...Best Dressed Nominee!

Rosamund Pike wore a red, lacy dress that blew everyone away.  But for me, not so much.  Something about the bodice or waist made her body look grotesque.  I can’t explain it.  And the front slit looked odd to me.  I just didn’t love it.

Nicole Kidman.  I kept going back and forth about whether I liked this dress or not.  I liked that it was different.  I liked the red sash.  But there was something about it I couldn’t quite put my finger on that was throwing it off.  And then I realized it:  Crystal Barbie.  She had a dress from the exact same fabric!  I think Nicole stole Barbie’s look. 

Pretty in Pattern

Naomi Watts.  I love an unexpected dress.  And this one with the silver and black onion cell pattern did it for me.  (You know what I’m talking about, right? 9th grade biology?  Come on!)  I can’t say I love the weird sports-bra back on it, but the fabric, color, and pattern are refreshing and it fit her beautifully.  Her hair and make up were also the best they've ever looked.  Best Dressed Nominee!

Marion Cottiard.  Polk dots? Are you kidding me??  Heck yes!  Again, so unexpected and so interesting.  The back was a little bit odd.  You can look up a picture and see what I mean.  But I forgive it because it’s just such a fun fabric and such a unique style to wear to the Oscars!

Worst Dressed Nominees

Meryl Streep.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Just because you are a lady of a certain age does not mean you have to wear a boring pseudo-suit.  Just ask Helen Miren!  No really, ask her, Meryl. 

Jared Leto.  I don’t usually spend much time on the guys.  A tux is a tux.  But this year I have a few on my list.  And unfortunately this one makes it into the worst dressed category.  I loved the color. But I hated EVERYTHING else.  It looks like it was made for my 9 year old nephew and Jared stole it.  Way too short in the wrist and ankle, way too small in the thigh.  The hair….UGH, the hair!  And the white shoes…I want to cry for him, Argentina. 

Kiera Knightly.  I thought her Golden Globes dress was bad. (And it was).  But why, WHY would she do ugly again??  I can’t even begin to describe the hideousness.  Wait, I can.  It starts with the frumpy cut, has some cursive scribbles in the middle, and ends with the flowery fabric.  YUCK.

Jessica Chastain.  I can’t say why I hate this dress but I do.  From the first moment I saw it I hated it.  Maybe it’s the sparkly tank top layer?  Or the dowager draping?  Something about the fit?  Or the navy with her coloring?  I certainly don’t think the trumpet look is suited to her figure.   Anyway, I can’t quite say exactly what it is.  I just hate it. 

So those are my highlights of the 2015 Academy Awards gowns etc.  And here are my final picks for Best and Worst Dressed...


ScarJo!  (With a very close call honorable mention to Emma Stone)

While WORST DRESSED has to go to... 

Jesus Leto and his sized XXS Napoleon Dynamite tux.  

And there you have it, folks.  What did YOU think of the 2015 Oscar's red carpet?

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