Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Getting To Know You, Part 5 - The Master Bedroom

The Little Pink Houses III remodel is coming along nicely.  There is a bit more framing and drywalling to do, but that phase is nearly complete.  So I thought I'd take a moment and acquaint you with the master bedroom (master closet and bath to follow).

Of course one of the most important rooms in the house to the lady of the house is the master suite. If I'm honest, it pales in comparison to my interest in the kitchen remodel.  But I am kind of excited about my closet.  And now I have a reason to be kind of excited about the master bedroom itself -- Big Daddy has decided to give the go ahead on putting in a loft!

The master bedroom is a strange room in this house.  It's two stories tall.  It is the same height as the vaulted living room.  WHY??? Who knows!  Why anyone would need that much height in their bedroom is beyond me.  And because it's not an overly large bedroom, the height makes it feel kind of like you'd be putting a bed in an elevator shaft.  I think they thought it would be like (use a British accent for this), "Observe my elegant master bedroom which closely resembles the knave of a cathedral and gives the impression of the chambers of a grand Parisian palace."   But instead, like I said, elevator shaft. 

Fortunately, my creative and visionary husband noticed a gap between the lower and upper sets of windows in this tall room.  And he suggested we put in a loft.  Chop the room right in half between those windows and put in a 8' deep loft.  We could put a love seat and our TV up there and have our own private lounge in the master bedroom.  I thought it a brilliant plan, but, um, let's just say I also thought it was a pie-in-the-sky plan.  Like, "Ya, right.  That's never going to happen.  With all the money we have to spend on the house who can justify putting in a loft???"   Never say never.   That pie-in-the-sky idea has turned into a loft-in-the-bedroom idea!

Behold....the loft!!!

I'm fairly sure that this might end up being my favorite spot in the whole house.  It will certainly be the biggest "wow" element of this house if it turns out anything like what we have envisioned.  Our vision is somewhere around this (although not in the kitchen, obviously):

So, ya.  That'll be sweet.

As for the rest of the room, it'll still have the height, which will keep it from feeling closed in. There are plenty of windows to keep it bright.   It's got these 3 doors to the backyard at the other end of the room...

Someday we hope to put a hot tub back there.  Our last house, Little Pink House II (the rental) had a hot tub off the master and we super dug it.  We didn't think we would, but we ended up using it a lot.  So with a secluded spot right off the bedroom, it's the perfect spot for our future Jacuzzi!   But that's a pie-in-the-sky idea.  (And by "pie-in-the-sky," what I really hope I mean is "hot-tub-in-my-backyard.")   I think I better put Big Daddy in charge of more decisions!

As for colors, décor, and such....I have ZERO idea.  We plan on converting from a queen bed back to a king (we downsized at Little Pink House I so we could both have bedside tables in that small room), and that means new bedding.  And, really, bedding is the basis of all design decisions in a bedroom.  And, of course, Big Daddy does NOT want to talk about bedding while there is a loft to frame and drywall, a kitchen to put in, a spiral stairway to design, possibly a family room to expand, and a thousand other "major" decisions.  Let alone the fact that there are paint colors that need to be decided in the next two weeks, and flooring that needs to be chosen, and wood stain to be decided.  Somehow bedding seems so unimportant and faraway.  But, really, it's all tied together.  The wall paint, the bedding, the loft, I say let's go bedding shopping!  Who's in??


Hildie said...

That's going to be so cool!

Kate said...

It's going to be awesome!
And.... Can you guys come design my kitchen next?

Omgirl said...

Why yes, Kate. We can. I'll send Big Daddy right ver!

FairyGrandmother said...

This house is going to be totally AMAZING! I keep thinking it's all a dream, but the dream is getting more solid by the week!

FairyGrandmother said...

Just leave that loft unfenced, and the kids will be leaping from the loft onto your big bed!