Friday, September 7, 2012

New House Finds

As I was saying, when we first got married, we had a lot of random, ugly, hand-me-down, thrift store furniture.  We slowly replaced those as time went by.   But our tastes have developed since then. And the colors we like have changed.  And we can finally buy things that haven't been in 20 households before ours.  So I've really enjoyed having carte blanche to spruce up our decor with my garage sale money.   

First stop: Etsy. To comission new throw pillows for the living room/family room (we're now back down to one common room from three, unless you count the spot in the unfinished basement where we've stowed the big TV and the old sectional. I don't.) We've had the same living room decor since we got married.  A black/grey/beige theme. Stripes. Very masculine.  Not ugly.  But very very...neutral.  And our dining room was shades of gold and red.  Jewel tones.  Very rich.  I'm over it.  Here, this new house is very modern.  Clean lines.  Grey linen tiles.  White trim.  Chrome.  Black leather furniture.  I love it.  But it is also quite neutral.  So here's what I got to liven things up and give the room some punch:

Also to correspond with those, curtains.   My old kitchen was aqua with red accents.  I LOVE red and aqua together.  But this house has pale grey walls.  A lovely shade.  And I'm not about to paint over them and then paint them back in a year, so grey they will stay.  In order to bring in more of the aqau (more of a robin's egg blue, really) I've gotten curtains in that shade.

And there are the red and aqua accents in the media cabinet.  Some really fun ones.



 Lastly, I have these great apothecary jars that I like to fill with seasonal things when the fall and spring holidays come around.  But I realized recently that I don't have anything to fill them with inbetween holidays.  So I comissioned these fantastic felt swirls.   Thank you again, Etsy!


I also filled one with red and aqua ribbons. 

The third jar I haven't decided on, but I think I'll try to find some aqua glass pebbles or something.  Anyone have any other cute ideas for filling apothecary jars with either bright red or robin's egg blue items? 

So those are a few of my favorite new decor items.  Hooray for new things!  And garage sales to pay for them!

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Financial Aid for College said...

Here I've been babysitting at your house for 6 weeks now, and never took a strong, close look at most of your decor items (the kids were moving too fast, and I was chasing them!) WOW! They are definitely cute! I especially like the ribbons, at which I will take a good look next time.