Sunday, January 15, 2012

How To Make The Perfect Pillow In Five Steps

Sometimes you need a little pillow surgery to get your pillow just right. Just Right = fluffy, not to high, not too low, fluffable, puffable, moldable.

Step 1: Get an Ikea Goosen Side-sleeper pillow. It has just the right kind of fluffable, puffable stuffing.
Step 2: Get another Ikea Goosen Side-Sleeper pillow, because one doesn't have quite enough of the wonderul stuffing and you will find yourself sometimes, in the middle of the night, with all the lovely fluffable, puffable stuffing at two sides of the pillow and your head in the middle lying on the mattress.
Step 3: Unpick the seams on one of the pillows and cut open the end of the other.
Step 4: Take about 1/2 the stuffing out of the cut pillow and stuff it into the other pillow.
Step 5: Marry someone who is a way better seamstress than you so he can perform the pillow surgery for you.

Voila! The perfect size, shape, and fluffability. Sweet Dreams.


L. said...

It takes a little forethought to marry a "way better seamstress than you are." How silly of us not to consider that while we're in love and dating!

I'll have to check out one of these pillows. I've never met anything to equal goose down -- especially after one washing. Lumpsville!

Bjorge Queen said...

I think that would be a seamster. I need to break out my new sewing machine that I bought months ago but haven't used yet. This is a good idea. I have projects piling up.

Mrs. O said...

I'm thinking I can rejuvenate a few pillows for sham-stuffing with this idea. Thanks!

Kelly said...

We prefer to be called "tailors." Or awesome, for short.

TheOneTrueSue said...

Clearly my problem here is that I married the wrong man. ;)

It was great to see you yesterday, by the way.