Thursday, December 1, 2011

Does This Count As Keeping The Sabbath Day Holy?

At 4pm Sunday afternoon our kitchen looked like this:

But fortunately, by 4:30 it looked like this:

Can you tell which house Big Daddy the boys were in charge of and which house Mom the girls were in charge of?

My favorite features of the boys' house: The poptart door. (Cut with a ban saw, which is pretty much cheating.)

My favorite features of the girls' house: The melted snowman. (The stupid boys stole all the white gumballs. Jerks.)

Daphne decided to be the judge of the houses. She got a piece of paper and pen and held it so officially as she walked around them, writing things down (either critiques or possibly doodles of panda bears) and making mysterious judgement noises. In the end, though, the girl house won. No, I don't think she was at all biased. It was all based on the artisanship displayed. For sure.

Anyway, the best Sunday afternoon I've spent in a long time. Maybe next year we'll actually let the kids participate other than sampling the candy.



Welcome to the neighborhood.


Mrs. O said...

You gave me several good ideas for our houses. And that poptart door is genius!

L. said...

That is an absolutely SUPERB way to keep the Sabbath day holy! I love both houses! Especially the one with a cocoa-puff roof! Did you make the gingerbread or buy kits at Costco? And who but Big Daddy would have thought of that method to cut a curve in a cookie?!

And that's banD saw (says an extreme aficionado of the tool).(I remember when you thought a "Tuba For" was that piece of wood measuring 3.75 inches on one side and 1.75 inches on the other, i.e. Two By Four.)

BS Crafts said...

Wow, those are crazy impressive gingerbread houses! Mine never make it to the assembled stage. Something about eating the candy gets me.

Dee said...

Your houses look amazing. I have always loved the look of gingerbread houses but I've never made one because my husband and children hate the taste of ginger.