Sunday, October 10, 2010

Random October

Is it really October? How did that happen? I'm always a little surprised when I realize summer is really gone.

And in spite of the fact that I really hate fall because it leads to winter, and I really hate winter, I am actually really glad to be wearing pants and jeans again. I was SO sick of wearing my 3 pairs of capris that fit me.

Sadly, however, I only had about a week or two where my favorite jeans fit me.

I am now too fat.

I am now dependant on old jeans a size larger and jeans with lycra.

Thank heavens for lycra.

My shirts? Well, there's just nothing I can do about those. I am now too fat to wear any fitted shirts. Not fat enough to look pregnant, just fat enough to look overfed. I don't feel ready to move on to maternity shirts. But I may not have any other options.

The upsides of this pregnancy are A)Oreo shakes B)fried zucchini with ranch C) lots of kind of cheese (I'm super craving dairy) D)REAL Coke E)Pretty much all other foods I don't usually get to eat. F) All the foods I normally don't get to eat x 10 because I eat at least 6 full meals and 4 snacks a day. I'm not joking. Breakfast 2 or 3 times, lunch by 10:30, second lunch at 1, huge snack at 2 or 3, dinner at four, dinner again with the family at 5-6, another dinner at 8 or so, then snacks or another meal before bed. G) My husband has been SUPER AWESOME--making dinner and breakfast, fetching me treats from everywhere late at night, getting up with the kids in the name it, if it's sweet or something I don't want to do, he's been doing it.

The downsides of this pregnancy are A)Morning sickness. It kicked in big time last week. Still no barfing, but lots of close calls and a general feeling of wanting to toss my cookies at all times. (mmm....cookies), B)exhaustion. Yesterday I worked super hard on the weed fest that will be my garden next year. I had a respite from the nausea so I wanted to take advantage. It wore me out so bad that I went to bed at 8:15pm and woke up at, yes, 8:30am. CRAZY. C) Peeing. I literally cannot count the number of times a day I pee. I mean, I guess I could count them. I can count into the double digits, you know. But after a dozen, in one night, I just give up. D) A general feeling of malaise and lackadaze and whogivesacrapiness. I just can't muster the energy or will to do anything these days. i.e. my house is a disaster.

Speaking of my house, I still do intend to do a few pictures for those of you who still have any interest in seeing them.

I also have a post with before and after pictures of my bathroom revamp. I just need to upload the pics.

I have no good camera at the moment. My one good one was destroyed by my kids. My Chinese replacement leaves much to be desired. I'm saving up for a really good one. A digital SLR. Can't wait. I haven't taken a decent pic in a while.

Am contemplating when to switch over to shoes from flip flops. I don't feel committed enough to the fall weather to wear socks and shoes every day. But I'm always afraid if I wear flip flops my feet will freeze. How do you know when it's time take the plunge and move on to shoes?

I saw The Social Network this weekend. It was good. Very well-written, clever, fast-paced and witty. Aaron Sorkin. No wonder.

I had sushi before the movie. It was even better than the movie. But not as witty.

I'm off sweets. Isn't that weird? ME!?! I guess nausea and pie don't go that well together. Who knew?

Well, thinking of pie makes me realize it's time to go have dinner. Well, third dinner. (I wish there was a KFC around here; I would love a pot pie.) And then off to bed. After all, it is 9pm.


Jen said...

I agree with pretty much everything you said x's 10!!! Though my m/s is almost gone (I think, knock on wood) Which means yours should hopefully be getting better in about a month or so! ;) I hate the I look fat stage, it just sucks!!! I am so ready for the cute pregnant stage. Oh and I for one want to see your cute belly pics!!!!!

Kristina P. said...

Eat up while you can!!

alex dumas said...

All that eating sounds like fun.

Bjorge Queen said...

I pretty much wear flip-flops all throughout the winter.
I try to think out my trip. Even if it's snowing out, as long as it's the kind of snow that melts when it hits the pavement, I'm wearing sandalls or flipflops.
If I think it's probably that I will have to step on grass at some point but I also know that it will only be one or two steps, I'm wearing flip-flops.
I really don't like to wear shoes or socks.
The winter I was preggers with my first, I wore these FUGLY black velvet mules to work. Looking back now, I just can't believe I ever wore those things. There was a snow storm and my husband and I and pretty much everyone who worked in the county complex got sent home around 10:00. Our car, like several others along state, skidded and then got stuck in the ditch. It was the worst storm I remember in the last ten years. So I had to step out of the car and into a huge icy slushy river in those mules. That's pretty much the only time I remember really regretting my choice of footwear in the winter.

At a minimum, I'll try to be disciplined this winter and not dig out my JC shoes, but I can't be sure that I won't. Just like giving up diet coke and fried zucchini, I've resolved many times to give up those shoes and I've always gone back.

Financial Aid for College said...

Boy, Ari, the thought of eating all that food almost makes ME morning sick. I've gotten so used to starving for the rest of my life -- and I still look 6 months pregnant. Old age sucks!

But enjoy the feast! Plump Mamas make plump babies! Ten-pound Ben was never sick in his life! I gained 50 delicious lbs with him, and it took 3 years to work it off! Worth it!

Jen said...

Arianne, do you have a good recipe for the fried Zucchini? That sounds SOOOOO good, but I have no idea how to make it.

Mia said...

Oh man morning sickness is awful. I know it is worth it, that is just hard to remember when you can barely lift your head. I hope this passes pretty soon!!!

Nicki said...

If there was one thing I missed about being pregnant it would be those few months where I could eat whatever I wanted and not feel guilty about it. That's about it :)