Saturday, February 16, 2008

Awesome poo poo!

You never thought you could be so excited about poo until the first time your child does it in the potty. Then you smile and jump for joy and pat them on the back and give them some Whoppers. Isn't life strange?

On a whim the other day, I bought a little kid potty for Daphne. She has had zero interest in potty training. She never tells me when she is about to go, when she is going, and rarely after she's gone. Most of the time when I ask her if she's poopy, she runs away. So I'm not sure why I thought a little potty would be a good idea. But I guess I wanted to get the idea in her head. She has no older siblings to watch and copy, so potty stuff just isn't something she thinks about. But I let her help me pick out a potty at the store. And today I set it up. After changing her diaper, I asked her if she wanted to sit on it. I wasn't going to force it on her because I want this to be something she wants to do and feels ready for. So when she said yes, I was pretty stoked. I sat her down on it and pulled her onesie up so she could see down. And about 5 seconds later, she pooped in it! I hadn't even said anything to her or suggested she try. She just did it! It was only a litle squirt since she'd just had a poopy diaper. But it was totally unsolicited and without any cajoling, so you can imagine my delight! (See, there it is again--delight about poo!) Ok, so step 1 is a success--getting her to understand that she can control her bodily functions on command. Step 2 is a success--getting her to feel excitement about the potty (she kept sitting on it for 10 minutes after I cleaned it up. She didn't want to get off.) Now for step 3: Getting her to recognize the urge to go and ask to go potty BEFORE she goes in her diaper. But I'm in no rush. Frankly, changing diapers sounds way better to me than cleaning out that little toilet several times a day, changing soiled clothes once she asks for panties, and being limited to locations with a 30 second running distance to the potty. But at least the potty is there, in her mind, and it's something she finds novel and fun.

Changing topics completely, today is my 6th anniversary! Kelly and I got married on February 16, 2002. It's hard to believe that it was 6 years ago. Even harder to believe that we've known each other 11 years and been together as a couple for 8 1/2. My, how time flies. Most of you know we don't celebrate our anniversary today. Because of Valentine's Day 2 days before (and because I always wanted to be a June bride--see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers), we wanted to give our anniversary its own time to shine. So we celebrate our "Fantaversary" (Fantasy Anniversary) on June 16th instead. But we did go out for dinner tonight--Sundance's Foundary Grill. It was super good. And I kept pretty well within my diet. I did eat panna cotta for dessert, but that was my only splurge.


Chelsea said...

You're right - it's amazing how much of parenting is comprised of thinking about and dealing with poop. Just one of those unexpected perks. :D

We have that same potty! Sawyer wants nothing to do with it so far, I'm stuck with diapers for a while.

alex dumas said...

They say when you marry in June, you're a bride all your life...
If only life was like the movies.